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Part 56 - Home

I always love going home.

· yoga,joy,mind,consistency

Sleep came hard and fast last night. We covered about ten miles on foot through DC and Georgetown and we ate. We ate a lot. We ate bad things (tater-tots included) and we had a fucking ball. But sleep came hard and sleep came fast last night.

This morning Kim and I woke rested, not hungover, and ready for a day. We walked to the Mall, strolled around the "Castle" grounds. We strolled for an hour or so.

We then walked back to M Street Yoga, a cute, unassuming studio tucked beneath a concrete condo (circa 1970) and behind a tailor/cleaner shop. You really have to want to find M Street Yoga. If you put the effort it, you'll be granted a fantastic - non-pretentious, tough-but-not-"power"-in-name-or-brand - yoga class. The teacher was calm, demanding, gentle, and confident. The class hurt, but in a good way.

After we moved through our poses, we returned to our room and showered, packed, and snuck out for one last pass at the museum circuit. "Encountering the Buddha" is currently on display at the Sackler Gallery. It is beautiful. You should go see it.

I'm sitting at Gate 8 now at Washington/Reagan National Airport. Kim's next to me. The sun just set. Ramp marshals just illuminated their batons. We board in ten minutes. I'm looking very much forward to being home.