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Part 55 - Walk

Today we walked - A lot.

· yoga,mind,food,consistency

I woke to a dry mouth. I chugged half a bottle of water. Last night we celebrated the launch of my pal Theo's new book. We started at Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore in DC. We ended at Del Mar, a restaurant just around the corner that seems to be Spanish in inspiration - including the copious vino tinto we enjoyed. I woke to a dry mouth.

We mustered, washed, dressed, and struck out towards Georgetown. Destination: Georgetown Yoga, a studio I visited earlier this year and kinda fell in love with. We strolled to the Mall. We traversed the Mall. Passed the White House. Continued up Pennsylvania, across Rock Creek, to the perfect little hamlet that is Georgetown.

Two and three story brick buildings line the way, Georgetown Yoga is on the second floor of one of the first rows, next to Taj of India and above an asian bistro. The room is lovely. the class was not easy. We struggled through the poses, but I think we both loved the practice.

We strolled for a while after class. Along the waterfront. Into the neighborhoods. Up "The Exorcist" stairs. Back to Rock Creek and over to P Street. We walked and we walked and we walked.

I believe the day was perfect. I spend the day walking. Practicing yoga. Eating good food. Resting. All of this, I got to do with Kim, my wife and best friend. We had, without planning it, a perfect day.