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Part 54 - Support

Support your friends.

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My pal Theo reads from his new book tonight. The book is called "Hellfire Boys" and you can buy it here. You can here him read tonight at Politics and prose, the new one on the Wharf.  

Kim and I hopped on Southwest flight 5586 this morning. It's direct BNA to DCA.

Sidebar - We once asked Washington Approach if they'd let us do a touch and go at DCA, Washington National - what pilots call National. The controller seemed amused and handed us off to National Tower, who gave us permission to land. I pranged it pretty hard and ended up with three bounces, which I count as three takeoffs and landings.

We came here to support Theo. He's written a book. No small feat. And were it Kim's book, he'd be flying to Nashville for the same reason. You do what you can to support your friends.

Is there someone in your life who is playing a show tonight? Someone taking an open mic at a poetry slam? Someone who just got their first magazine piece published. Someone who just won an award?

Do you have a friend who's teaching their first yoga class this weekend? Do you have a friend selling cookies at the farmers market? Do you have ...

Take a few minutes out of your busy life and support your friends in the things they do.