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Part 57 - Cold

It turned cold last night.

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Sometime yesterday, while we were away in DC, a cold front moved through Nashville.

I woke this morning as usual, around 4:30 am. I walked to the back room. I put on shorts. I put on my fleece. I put on the usual walking wear. I stepped out the front door.

I walked back in. I put on another layer of fleece. I put on gloves. I put on a cold-weather hat. I stepped back out the front door, down the steps, and down the street. I walked the standard route to my pal Kenny's shop.

I walked in. Kenny said, "Are you stupid? It's cold out there."

We shared a couple cups of coffee. We solved some of the worlds problems. I walked back to the house.

I gathered my mat, Kim, and a clean yoga towel and strolled back to Liberation Yoga, my home studio, for the 6:00 am class. Jo Jo was there, all smiles and welcomes. She agreed to move us through a chill practice for the start of the week.

Four of us moved through our poses. The room was warm, but not hot. The yoga was perfectly chill and challenging at the same time.

I like the routine of mornings - up at 4:30, walk, coffee, yoga, walk. I like the feeling of consistency.