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Part 324 - Learn

Teaching is learning.

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I've been a teacher for several years. I train private investigators. I educate appraisers. I lend my experience to attorneys, fraud examiners - groups, small and large. I've stood in front of 500 investigators. I've taken the stage in front of over 1,000 lawyers. Still, to this day, the most scary teaching experience for me is leading a yoga class.

I have done.

I've guided a groups of 30 students through the poses. I've moved through the postures on a roof-top deck with one friend in tow. I am, generally speaking, comfortable with standing up and presenting. I am still scared out of my mind when I instruct a class of yogis.

Maybe I just assume everyone is judging me on sequencing and balance - keeping tally of every time I say, "Which leg did we just do?" I know they are not. Not necessarily. Even if they are, I assume they're doing so with a heart for helping, not a snotty, "You missed that ...." attitude. Maybe I just so desperately want to create an experience for students what I would love to have. Either way, it scares me.

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