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Part 325 - Adventure

Travel, even simple travel, can and should be an adventure.

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Been on the road for work the past few days. Currently, I'm sitting by an infinity pool facing west across the Pacific in a little village on the Costa Rican seaside. Tamarindo sits at the foot of a river and a stream/spring. The fresh water has been pouring minerals into the sea for millennia. The minerals have caused a simple horesshoe bay, a natural little harbor for small craft to moor in calmer seasons. It's beautiful.

I've been leading morning and afternoon yoga for the past five days. Morning yoga has been sparse. Like, I've been moving through the poses on my own. But I've been there, willing, and ready.

The afternoon offering has seen a lot of friends pacing through the postures under a thatch roof, half way up a hill, above the ocean. It's been a lot of fun. Like a lot of fun.

I have learned more in the past couple of weeks by leading practices than I have in a long time. The feedback from friends who've taken in a practice has been invaluable. The settling into a cadence that works has been entertaining. I mean, the first practice class in my home studio a few weeks back should have been a full hour long practice, but I paced us through the poses in a scant 45 minutes. In the middle section, I'm fairly certain no one, including me, was matching breath to movement. Learning...

More later.