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Part 323 - Teach

Stand up and share.

· yoga,mind,Education

I get to teach. One of my favorite things on earth to do, stand up and share. I enjoy the passing along of things learned. I enjoy learning from the people in class - never fails.

I have been working for the past seven years with a business partner on an education business. We build and deliver continuing education for a number of industries. It's fun. There's some creativity. There's some fun.

One of my favorite parts is learning about different ideas and topics and industries. The core of our business is building educational products. We really don't care what the topic is. We're not even that worried about the industry, as long as we are interested and professionals in that space want to learn.

I love finding experts. I love helping them share their expertise. I love the process of learning along the way.

I get to teach. It still makes me nervous, standing up and sharing. I still find that slight constriction in my throat. I still feel the pulse quicken. I get to teach.