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Part 322 - Scout

Time to create, or get back to creating.

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StoryboardEMP, LLC, the company I run with a friend/business partner, is sending Exquisite Corpse Pose back to Costa Rice in a few days. We're revisiting our last scouted location. In this installment of Costa Rica, we begin production on another lifestyle course. We're offering a two week yoga retreat in an ultra relaxed atmosphere. I hope to be posting some daily's here - assuming internet is able.

We've been working on several new courses. There's Robert Benson's On-Line Writers Retreat. There's the 33-Day Camino de Santiago Yoga Challenge. And now ... there's off-line Yoga Retreat. That's right, we're going luddite, old-school, live and in person with this latest course.

Can't wait to get pas the pre-production business to the actual day to day filming and teaching. More soon.