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Part 318 - Longing

I have an incessant longing to walk across Spain again.

· camino,pilgrimage,mind,consistency,joy

I had a dream last night. It was the standard stress dream. Except the stress was resolved during the dream. I found myself strolling along the ancient paths in Northern Spain.

In my dream I had lost a DNA sample in a case and was raging around trying to locate the lost bucal swab. It was futile. The evidence was gone, never to be found.

But then, as will happen in dreams, I was walking. It was somewhere in the Rioja. Vineyards stretched out as far as my mind could imagine. The sweet smell of rotting grapes hung in dry air. I felt light. I felt good. I felt calm.

This is the Camino. Sure, there are days along the way when stress settles in, but for the most part the camino - for me - is a place of quite mind and calm spirit.

I find a similar calm and quiet in my daily yoga practice.

I'm gearing up for another thousand kilometer trek across Spain in 2019. This will be my third pilgrimage. I'm using yoga as part of my preparation.

Would you like to join me on The Way? You can. You can create your own Camino experience right here at home with a daily yoga practice. Why not give it a try?

Buen Camino.