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Part 317 - Intentions

What I intend to do and what I end up doing are rarely the same.

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I intended to write this blog one post per day for a full year. That worked out great until August 1. On August 1 of 2018 I injured my left wrist and lost the ability to type. There's always a reason. There's always something that keeps you from following your intentions. Sometimes it's beyond your control. Sometimes you just make the choice.

The important thing is that you have the intention. I'm not opposed to moving the flag and claiming victory. I did not in fact keep up with 365 days of blog posts. That said, I kept it up as long as I could and I thought about it every day that I wasn't able to type.

I declared a couple of days ago that I was back. I was wrong about that. I am back now. I will strike up the daily blog posts again. And I will do one a day. From this point on I am a daily blog. Much in the same way that I am a daily Yogi.

So tomorrow is Monday and 1 October. What a fantastic day to get back on the horse of daily blogging and ride, ride, ride.