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Part 310 - Plan

A good plan makes all the difference.

Kim and I started the day with a plan. Did everything go accordingly? No. But for the most part it worked.

Kim and Robin cooked up a plan to gather some of Nashville's most talented chefs together for a meal. Robin, Josh, and Lisa - all members of the Nashville food scene - and their respective others joined us at our house for a meal. Kim and I provided food and a place to gather.

Want to be nervous? Try to cook for a chef. Want to be more nervous? Try to cook for several chefs. Want to stress even more, make something you've never tried before.

Did it work? Yes.


Cheese and Charcuterie plate

  • Home smoked trout
  • Homemade trout dip
  • Amazing cheese
  • Homemade bread

Main Course

  • Homemade pasta
  • Homemade carbonara
  • Grilled spring onions
  • Lady pea salad
  • Lady peas
  • Oven roasted beats and radishes


  • Homemade apple galette
  • Grilled peaches with burrata 

Notes: There's nothing on earth like homemade. I bought fresh trout at WF. I brined the trout in water, sugar, salt, brown sugar, lemon juice and spices. I smoked the trout for just over one hour. It was the best smoked trout I've had in a long long time.

Kim made the galette from scratch. Whole vanilla bean in the butter. It was a thing of beauty.

We made the pasta from scratch. It had heft and silkiness both at once. The carbonara included one whole egg and seven yolks. It was buttery smooth and clung to the noodles.

When you make a plan and execute that plan, even with a few hick-ups, the meal can be next level good.

Make a plan. Cook for someone new. Make something from scratch. Live.