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Part 309 - Training

Another day of yoga teacher training.

I spent the day in a bakyard-yoga-studio with a group of amazing women. Liz walked us through the first part of our class. I love her style and I love her way of teaching.

Leah paced us through the remainder of the day. She's a strong practitioner and a fantastic teacher.

The workshop was a sequencing workshop. It's a topic that I am certain needs to be covered in detail and frequently.

One of my favorite things about yoga is the steady, well structured way some teachers step people through a practice. Balance, timing, planning - all of these things make for a fantastic series of postures and a feeling of graceful movement.

When a teacher just shows up and wings it, that's when the practice can become frustrating.

I've been studying sequences for a few years now, with an eye and mind towards achieving balance and fluidity. When a yoga teacher approaches each practice with that in mind, the practice can be amazing.

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