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Part 301 - Change

Sometimes change is a great thing.

· mind,friends,joy,meditation

My friend Stephanie is in the process of a change. She bought a new house. She's moving into that house today and tomorrow. We stopped by this afternoon to help break in the new.

Her daughter is thrilled and excited. She happily showed us around her new room and hang out area. She had a huge smile and a zing in her step.

Stephanie did too. We, the lot of us, hopped in pool at this new abode. We splashed and swam and chilled in the late afternoon Tennessee swelter. We dodged mosquitos. We shared a meal. We laughed. We played. It was a fantastic afternoon.

I know the new will wear off. I know the mundane of day to day will seep back in. But it's nice to see the excitement of new and the thrill of change.

Not all changes are as drastic as a new home. Sometimes a simple alteration of schedule is enough to bring about excitement. Also, excitement is not always the goal. Sometimes, a slight change in day to day can bring calm - peace.

Take a look at your life and consider a change. Maybe you take up a weekly yoga routine - something you've been wanting to do for a long time. Don't overdo it, just show up and practice a few days a week. Make a change. See what comes.

I'll be happy to share a meal and celebrate the new with you.