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Part 300 - Pitta

Turns out, I'm pitta with a hint of vata. Who knew?

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I'll be honest. The idea of pitta and vata have always been a bit nebulous to me. My teacher, Liz Workman, assigned me to a pitta diet. I'm going to try and assess the changes, if any, in my life.

After reviewing the pitta diet, I realized that most of the items I'm supposed to be eating on a regular basis - I eat in the normal course of life. I think that may be pretty normal. When life is in balance, we tend to crave the things we need. Sometimes, however, we are lured into eating (and drinking) things we should not.

I naturally gravitate to more cooling foods. That said: I do love a spicy meal.

I noticed that many of the "eat less avoid" foods are things that I love. I don't necessarily crave them, but they're in a lot of things I love. Capsicum is one. Black pepper is another. I eat eggs on a fairly regular basis and it turns out that I'm to lessen or avoid intake of egg yolks.

Here's my take: The pitta diet guide is just that - a guide.

The diet plan offered suggests that I consume more asparagus, for instance. I know for a fact that my body doesn't process some of the chemicals in this vegetable. I avoid asparagus at all costs. Likewise, oily fish. On the other hand, according to the diet plan, I should avoid or lessen my intake of turmeric. Same issue here. I have a tendency to arthritis. Turmeric helps with this.

A diet plan, like any other plan or guide, should be adapted and modified - much like a physical practice.

I've been enjoying the diet plan based on pitta. I will continue to eat according to the plan. I will continue to monitor the progress.