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Part 302 - Train

Yoga teacher training is a great way to learn more about the practice.

The alarm sounded as usual at 4:30 am. It barked, gently. I stopped it. I slept on.

I woke a few hours later, disoriented and with a feeling of rush.

I hopped in the shower. Cleaned the body. Grabbed a cup of coffee and ran out the door. I was about to be late for a full day or teacher training. I hate being late.

I walked into the studio. No one was there, save the teacher. I settled into my spot and waited. Not early, but certainly - by the measure of YTT attendees - not late.

We worked our way through several practice teaching sessions. It was a bit unnerving. It was not entirely comfortable. It's strange to teach to a small group and then receive immediate feedback, critique.

It was a full day of yoga. It was lovely.

More when able.

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