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Part 262 - Approach

Planning your approach is the key to success.

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Base to final.

Seatbelts/harnesses adjusted. Three green. Mixture rich. Props. Landing light on. Carb heat on.


60 kts. Flaps full. Three green. Mixture rich. Props.

Short final.

Three green. Mixture rich. Props. Flaps full. Slow as possible.


Full flaps. Touchdown - mains first, gentle nose wheel. Minimum breaking.

After Landing.


Clean up flaps. Carb heat cold. lights off. Reset trim. Mixture lean when required.



The process is almost always the same. It's a mantra of sorts. When something is out of wack, you know immediately. Planning the approach is the key. You have to have the checklist ready and know it by heart. You have to say the words out loud. You follow the process. It works. Planning.

In yoga, we sometimes tend to approach the practice with a little bit of aloofness. I like to work the day start like a flight. I use a checklist. It's not necessarily written, but I have a set sequence for starting the day.

Yoga teachers who plan the practice, which I believe all should plan the practice as much as possible, tend to be more confident and comfortable. It's a matter of muscle memory and planning. Like flying, you may need a cheat sheet in the beginning, but as you get more comfortable with teaching, you'll be able to remember the steps.

Point is this: Plan your day. Plan your practice. Plan your sequence.

An old pilot may be able to wing it through a landing sequence, but one misstep and we end up with salvaged radios and a heap of torqued metal. The consequences are not quite as dire in yoga, you're not likely to end up in hospital, but why wouldn't you just prep and plan a little bit. Know the material. Know the sequence.

I once heard an old pilot say, "A good landing is one from which you can walk away." She continued, "A great landing is one after which you can use the aircraft again."

Let's make each yoga class great. Good is okay, but great let's us come back again and again.