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Part 261 - Learning

Constantly learning. Always curious.

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I have always been curious. I like to research and learn.

I've had a daily yoga practice for some time now. I've taught yoga here at home and over seas for the past several years. I'm now taking the next logical step in my learning about yoga.

I've enrolled in a teacher training program. Not so much to become a yoga teacher, I've been doing that for a few years now. It's to learn more about yoga. To broaden my base of knowledge. It's a way to increase the skills I need in my work as Director of Education at the company I run with my business partner. The funny thing is, this line of study in no way qualifies me to do anything different from what I do now, it just increases my skills and - I believe - makes me better at my job.

It's an independent study, which I'm pretty certain is not the best way for a yoga teacher or school to make money. It is, however, a great way for a nomadic person to study. I travel for work, a lot. The idea of taking weeks to sit and do a series of classes is something I would love to do, but I can not.

I've been enjoying the process. My homework is posted here as blog posts. It's a way to get two for the price of one. The writing is here, so I get a blog post. The writing is turned in, so I get credit for the work.

The other thing I love about the independent study program is the fact that I get to learn from several different teachers, all with a unique view on yoga.

More later.