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Part 246 - Noodles

Slow Noodles. Food brings memories. Part 2

It's Friday night. I slipped out of the office a little early to meet my pal Austin for a quick cocktail. Ran into a few other friends along the way. I had a few more cocktails. I ubered there and back.

When I got home, I could smell the garlic. I could smell it outside, before I even got to the door.

There's a happy air about the place. The homemade chili sauce and that wicked Golden Mountain soy sauce mix up to burn and brighten.

We sat around the huge dining room table, the one my Grandmother left me. It's hosted so many dinner parties. When I say it's huge, I mean huge. It's a little over nine feet long and just more than 4 feet wide. It's one slab of wood. It's 3 inches thick. The legs bolt on with a five bolt pattern. It's a substantial table. It is perfect for hosting dinner parties. We have hosted several this week.