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Part 245 - Miracle

Looking for a miracle? You're it.

Try this on for size. You are unique. Be that.

Hide your similarities. Highlight your differences.

I think too many people try to fit in. Websites all look the same. People dress the same. People hide their unique to blend.

In the PI trade, blending is a tool. It's a way to not draw attention. It's a way to fit in anywhere.

In the world, blending is weak. If you're unique - which you are - why not be different.

Most things have value because of rarity - scarcity. Commodities are relatively cheap when there is abundance.

You be you. Let them look. Let them stare. You be you.

If you're just like all the others, you're a commodity. If you accent your uniqueness, you're rare.

Where do you think the value is?