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Part 244 - Persistance

To keep plugging is to win.

"Never will I allow any day to end with a failure."

- O. Mandino

It was hot. 105 degrees. Hot.

I'd been out all afternoon. Driving. I knocked on one door. I knocked on another. I knocked yet again. Nothing.

I decided I was going to get at least one interview completed today. I had three people to try and find. 300 is a career in the major leagues. I tried. I tried again. I tried yet again.

It was late afternoon. The sun was riding high in the sky. It was hot.

I knocked. I heard a dog sniffing at the front door. I backed into the blaze of the day, out of the porch shade. The door opened. "Sorry to bother you on a Saturday," I said and explained who I was and what I was curious about.

He said, "Those guys? What have they done now."

We talked.

We talked only for a short while, just over 20 minutes. He had a lot to say in 20 minutes.

I recorded out interaction. Uploaded the audio to my transcription service. I drove back to the house and called it a good day.

One of the secrets to success is to persist. Keep trying. Keep taking another run at the thing.

"So long as there is breath in me, that long will I persist. ... if I persist long enough, I will win."

- O. Mandino