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Part 243 - Leading

Sometimes it's nice to step up and lead. Sometimes it's nice to guide.

· yoga,mind,body,consistency,joy

I've been getting up early here in Texas. A short walk through the neighborhood. A quick coffee. Up to the roof to move through the postures.

People have noticed. People have asked to join.

This morning a small group of folk joined me for the morning rooftop practice. They asked me to lead the practice. I said yes.

I've had the joy of leading a practice at a yoga retreat. I've had the pleasure of pacing friends through poses. This is the first time I've ever had acquaintances request that I step up and lead.

I'm not a registered yoga teacher. I made this clear. They were just interested in moving. We agreed and we met for sunrise-rooftop yoga at 6:00 this morning.

It was lovely. Not so sure I was leading anyone as much as simply showing a way - guiding might be the better word. It was lovely.