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Part 188 - Travel

Travel light. Travel with ease. Travel relaxed.

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If you read this blog at all, you know that I end up on planes and in rental cars on a pretty regular basis. I've learned a few things over the years about travel.

First - Travel light. Cary what you need. Nothing more. For me that works out to two pair of jeans. Two dress shirts. Underwear. Socks. A pair of shorts and a t-shirt. A yoga towel. and a briefcase. It all fits into two small bags. A uniform helps. For me the pants are all tan jeans. The shirts are all blue. It's easier.

Second - Work systems. Sign up for TSA pre pass. Sign up for One Pass. Sign up for points. Work the available shortcuts and premium lines. If you have TSA pre, you can arrive 20 minutes before boarding time and breeze through security.

Third - Relax. Airport security is designed to be an interactive theater. The players are there to make your life more difficult. That's their job. TSA is a thorn in my side. I think they are a waste of space. But they're there and they are a gauntlet through which we mush all walk. Relax. Turn your mind off an get through it. The TSA agents, even though they don't seem like it at the time, are people. They have moms and dads. They have children. They appreciate a smile and a hello, how you doing every now and again. Relax.