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Part 189 - Persistence

Dig in. Keep digging in. Keep going.

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You don't have to be the best. I'm certainly not.

You do have to show up. That's the first step. Be there. Be present. Show up and do the work.

It helps a lot to be persistent. This applies in yoga as well as personal life and work. Dig in. Keep digging in. Keep going. Do the work.

I had a grand total of two witnesses to locate and speak with today. I made five attempts yesterday. I made three attempts this morning. I kept on going back. Finally, after ten trips to the front door to knock and talk, she answered.

She's a key witness. She was with the other key witness on the date in question. She not only talked to me, briefly - but helpfully. She also agreed to put the other witness in touch with me via phone.

Now - I could have made a couple of tries to talk and reported back to my clients that it was a bust - no joy. But I prefer to have the conversation and do the work. Simply making a passing attempt to talk to a witness rarely gets the job done. You have to keep on trying.

I worked a case a few months back where I made upwards of 80 attempts to talk to three separate witnesses. One of them told me to fuck off. I promptly fucked off. She was not in the mood and I wasn't itching for a fight. One of them evaded my attempts for a full week. The last one, after 30 trips to the front door to knock and talk, finally agreed to talk to me. Turns out he'd answered the door three of the previous tries and told me that "Jake" wasn't home. Not sure why Jake finally admitted his identity and talked, but I'm certain the repeated attempts got the job done.

Persistence. Dig in. Keep digging in. Keep going.

I have found that the same theory applies to my yoga practice. If I show up. Keep showing up. Keep pursuing the practice with a dogged persistence, it becomes easier. It becomes more challenging. It becomes a part of life.

Persistence. Dig in. Keep digging in. Keep going.

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