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Part 187 - Eat

You gotta eat.

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There are a number of days in the typical week where I forget to eat. I just get busy and don't think about eating. It just happens.

Today, I ate. Today I ate a lot. I woke up thinking about food. I hunted and gathered a cheeseburger from Martin's BBQ for lunch. I hunted and gathered tacos for supper. I ate. I ate a lot.

I think in this fitness space a lot of times people obsess about food intake. They either want you to eat more or they want you to starve.

I have a notion that we tend to take in more calories that required. The rate of obesity in the US is a fine indicator that we do not lack for caloric intake, as a nation. It also points to a lack of activity, but I'm talking about intake, or the lack thereof in this post.

Some days I just don't feel hungry. On those days, I don't eat. Some days I feel crazy hungry. On those days, I eat. Don't get me wrong, I eat something every day (for the most part). I look very much forward to dinners at home with Kim. I love the act of cooking and preparing homemade dishes in our kitchen.

The menu is often not what most would consider "healthy" we use fat (butter, duck fat, cooking oil). We do not avoid things with fat in them. We do not use anything that is labeled "fat free." That said, the meals we make are prepared with love. They are crafted from fresh ingredients. They taste good and they are not processed. So, there's that.

Here's my thought on eating and diet. Eat. Eat real food. Eat a lot of plants. Enjoy some decent protein (Meat if you like it. Veg if you prefer.) Avoid processed foods. This includes "vegetarian" processed foods. Fake cheese and not dogs are not food, in my estimation. They are a weak approximation of food and they are processed in factories just like bologna. Sure, they are "meat free" but, damn, what's the point of just avoiding something for the sake of avoiding it. Don't eat too much of anything.