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Part 186 - Grievance

There's really no need to be offended all the time - by everything.

· frustration,yoga,mind,joy

There are some people who make their way through this life just looking for something about which to be upset. I don't understand these people. Why? Why would one choose to be upset at every turn?

Maybe they suffered some trauma in their younger years. Maybe they were hurt by someone back in the day. But I still don't understand why the incessant need (desire) to find things offensive - to seek out offense at every possible opportunity.

It's been my experience that these people crave to have the world revolve around them. The manufacture drama simply to remain in the spotlight. "Me. Me. Me. See Me. Notice me. Pay attention to me" They seem to be yelling.

I'll admit, offense is not a thing I feel often. I don't hold many things sacred, and the things I do, are not necessarily things that other people hold sacred. I get that. I'm not offended by that. So, I may be a poor judge of what should or should not offend.

For those who see grievance in every gesture ... For those sho seek to find offense in every interaction ... For those who demand that we - the rest of the universe - stop what we're doing and pay attention to your petty resentment ... I say, take a breath.

You've been afforded every opportunity to enjoy this life. Take advantage of that. Breathe. Enjoy.

Please, please, please don't take gestures made in the spirit of love and support and turn them into your own personal chance to express your general lack of happiness. Please.