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Part 140 - Might

The truly mighty almost never flex.

· frustration

Who you more concerned about?

A) The loud guy, built like a body builder, who takes every opportunity to flex and show off his muscles?

B) The quiet guy, built like an athlete, who stands off to the side and pays attention?

I'd say I don't really care how you might feel about political figures, but I do - a little bit. I'm not going to hold your political views against you though, not really.

If you think our elected executive is an okay dude who's doing a fantastic job, an amazing job, a job like no one else in the history of presidents has has ever done (which, by the way, that last part is actually true), I may judge you - just a bit.

But generally speaking, I'm not that concerned with Republican or Democrat or Independent. I just don't care.

Back to might and strength and such.

The truly strong and mighty are usually quiet. They have no need to bluster and flex. They're comfortable in their own strength.

I'm thinking specifically of a pal of mine who tends bar here in Nashville. He's quiet. He's polite. He's not a huge, hulking dude. He's just an unassuming bartender. A bartender who just returned from one of many deployments with the United States Army Special Forces. He's just your standard 18-Bravo back home tending bar. Never brags. Never flexes.

When our elected executive traveled to France last year, he was inspired by a military parade. He's pushing for a show of military might here.

He reportedly said, "I want a parade like the one in France." (I want one ... I want one ... I want one ... - read in the voice of a tantrum-throwing child.)

Can we think about this for a minute? If someone is impressed by France's military might, they've likely never Googled the phrase French military victories and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" option.

This image takes you to the search result. Try it for yourself. Always good for a laugh.


  • North Korea holds parades all the time. (Think A from above.)
  • Russia has been known to roll out the goose-steppers every now and again. (I refer you to A again.)
  • China, on occasion, throws a parade with the best of them - tanks, troops, missiles, etc. (Again, A.)

France paraded a bunch of hardware through the plaza.


I'm certain, beyond any doubt, that the military of France is top notch. I'm certain that France has produced many of our world's greatest military minds. I've heard first hand that some of the hardest fighting sons-of-bitches (that's a compliment in this context) come out of the Legion etrangere.

But France is not really know as a military powerhouse. I mean click here again. I know it's a spoof, but there's some truth to the comedy.

I'm pretty sure we have no need, cause, or desire to flex our military muscle. I'm pretty sure a "parade like the one in France," would be a huge waste of money. I'm pretty sure the man-child who parades as our elected executive is impressed with men and states who flex muscles. He saw a parade and copped a woody. There are a number of levels upon which that concerns me.