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Part 139 - Strength

An effect of concentration.

· body,mind,consistency,joy

We've been working on strength training some for the past several months, Kim and I. Twice a week, when we're both in town. It's been much more difficult than I expected. I guess I've never really pushed myself. Joe does. Joe is a vile and wretched man who smiles as he pushes people. That's him with his hands, vilely resting on his wretched hips.

One benefit to strength training: Yoga is not as strenuous for me now. All aspects of the practice seem to benefit from some focused strength training.

Another benefit to strength training: Meditation time is, oddly, more concentrated. I have found that the strength training has helped me sit in a more solid posture, which helps with longer meditation sessions, which leads to an ease in concentration.

A vain benefit of strength training: The body, with focused and - for me - guided training looks better. Muscles show definition. Body is leaner. Gait is more athletic. Posture - in general - is improved.

I've enjoyed our hours with vile and wretched Joe. He's a fine man and one of the best trainers in the country.