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Part 113 - True

When someone tells you their way is the "true" way, you might want to run.

· yoga,mind,consistency,joy

It said it right there, "True meditation is ...."

True meditation? What is true meditation? If a white guy who calls himself some self-given sanskrit-ish name and tells you that he knows "true meditation," he's likely full of shit. If he tells you he has figured out the one "true" method of meditation. He is totally full of shit.

Here's the thing. I have a notion that meditation is a personal experience. Some people use mindfulness meditation to calm the mind and improve their health. Some people use vipassana meditation to achieve various states of mind/being. Some people use zen meditation. Some people pray the Rosary. Some people chant a mantra. Some people just sit.

My suggestion is take in some training. Read. Educate yourself on various methods and find a meditation practice that works for you. The benefits are real. The science is there.

But if you run across a guy who's selling the one true method, skip it.