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Part 112 - List

One last post on this topic ...

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Kodawari Studio – Tampa, FL

Kodawari Studio is tucked in behind a random strip mall just off a collector street in a neighborhood somewhere south of the airport. It’s not easy to find, but you can follow directions. This studio offers a wide selection of classes. They also have a juice bar/café, a retail store, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, etc.. It’s a full-service joint. And they do a fine job of it. A lovely woman who was about six feet tall and not a petite person taught my one class here. I loved her class. She moved gracefully thought the poses. She coaxed us through the poses. She was kind and stern. Fluid and methodical.

Several things struck me about this studio. First, the teaching staff is as diverse as I’ve ever seen. When they say, "Yoga is for everyone," they mean it. Second, the array of services is amazing. Finally, they market with a subtle touch.

Vista Yoga – Atlanta, GA

Our friend Cathy hauled us down to her home studio for a Saturday morning practice this past summer. It is a big room. It was a full room. It was a difficult, yet comfortable flow. The Dharma talk, which can be a deal killer for me sometimes, was on point and not in any way too “woo woo” or preachy.

Downtown Yoga Center – Johnson City, TN

I was stuck in Johnson City for a few days of work and was in need of a practice led by another human being. I found this zen-like studio through the standard Google search. We got there a little early and they weren’t open yet. We strolled the downtown area and returned to a girl with a huge smile and a discount to sell. We signed up for a week’s worth of classes. We took three. We still came out ahead. I would have been happy to pay the full drop-in rate at this place. The teachers were so nice; the flow was so invigorating. If you – maybe you lost a bet – end up in Johnson City for a few days, check out this progressive outpost in the heart of Appalachia.