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Part 111 - List

And the beat goes on ...

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Down Under School of Yoga – Cambridge, MA

This storefront at the intersection of Mass Av and Regent in Cambridge, MA is deceptively welcoming. You see the happy yogis folding through poses and you think, I need to be in there. And you probably do. But – and this is not a small but – it’s hot as fuck in there. It’s packed like sardines in there. The people were lovely. The teacher was entertaining. I had to leave the room three times because it was just too fucking hot for me. Personal thing, but damn it was hot.

Art and Soul Yoga – Cambridge, MA

This small neighborhood yoga studio just off Hampshire at Windsor in Cambridge is a nice little tight nit community yoga spot. We were welcomed with open arms. We were offered encouragement. It was a really chill practice, full of hip openers and props, but it was perfect. Of the places we visited in Cambridge, this was my favorite. By just a smidge, but still my favorite.

Be In Union Yoga – Cambridge, MA

This gritty loft style yoga studio is run by one of the most charismatic yogi’s I’ve ever seen. She’s Hispanic. She’s got close cropped hair. She’s strong. She’s a first responder. She’s –generally speaking – an all around badass. Her class is heated. It wasn’t as hot as Down Under Yoga, but still – it was pretty damn hot. The flow was brisk, but manageable. I felt the burn afterward. But it wasn’t too bad. This studio actually made me more comfortable with hot yoga than any other hot yoga class I’ve been to. I really loved the teachers and the welcoming attitude.

The Yoga Source – Santa Fe, NM

This studio has two locations. I’ve been to both. Multiple times. I’ve had long – like two hour long – classes here. They’ve been perfect. I guess one might think yoga and Santa Fe would be perfect together. They are. The space is clean and modern. The locations are great. One is just over by Paper Dosa, so you can go grab a nice vegetarian meal after your practice.

The Grateful Yogi – Las Vegas, NV

Sometimes you stumble onto a gem. In a city that is painted to sparkle, finding an actual gem is not that easy. In the case of Las Vegas, you pretty much must go several blocks south and west of the strip to find a yoga studio that even comes close to intriguing me. This amazing studio is exactly 2 miles from the strip as the crow flies. You’ll need to uber or drive, but you will be happy you did. First, you’ll be off the goddamn strip. Second, you’ll be in one of the calmest, cutest, most minimal yoga studios I’ve seen in a long time. It’s just nice in here. Check them out when you tire of the bright lights.