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Other cities ...

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Other cities

Over the past twelve months I’ve traveled a lot. When I’m in a city for more than a night or two, I often try to find a couple of studios to take in a practice. Here are some of the places I’ve visited in the past year.

Georgetown Yoga – Washington, DC

This little gem sits on top of an indian or thai restaurant, can’t remember which. It’s in the first row of buildings across the Rock Creek Parkway as you enter Georgetown. It’s all brick walls and ancient wood floors. It’s a lovely space. I’ve taken three or four practices here. Enjoyed each of them immensely.

M-Street Yoga, Washington, DC

This studio is tucked in behind a laundry and a circa 1960s condo building. It’s hard to find. You have to look, and search, and stroll. There’s a sign on the door saying something to the effect of “no cash kept here.” Kim and I took in a Sunday practice here a few months back. It was amazing. I really loved the small room. The class was full of a healthy mix of cultural backgrounds. Find this place when you’re in DC.

The Grinning Yogi – Seattle, WA

My pal Faye turned me on to this, her home studio. It’s fast paced. It’s to music. It’s to music that is quite upbeat. We did roughly four thousand chaturanga-mukha svanasana-adho mukha svanasana flows. It was enough to burn my wrists for a week. I loved it. I went to three classes here. Find this cute little studio.

Spokane Yoga Shala – Spokane, WA

At the recommendation of the hotel concierge, I ubered over to this purpose built yoga facility. To say that this space is perfect for yoga is to make a total understatement. It was built specifically as a yoga studio and training facility. The rooms are large and welcoming. The views are gorgeous. The teachers are well versed and versatile. I’ve taken a beginning-yoga class here. I’ve practiced hatha yoga here. I took in a long and much needed kundalini practice here. This studio is special. The place is special. If you end up in Spokane, please avail yourself of a class in this beautiful space.