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Part 109 - List

Part 1 of my list of places to practice. Texas.

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Texas Studios

I spend a lot of time in Texas. Some would say too much time. I’ve had the joy of taking in a practice at theses studios. Some I love. Others I like. I can recommend each of them. The first Texas yoga on my list is one of my favorite yoga teachers in the country. Actually, she is my all time favorite. She took my practice from a wondering, slap-dash, non-disciplined routine of half-assing-it to a new level of thought and intention.

Andrea Price Yoga – Amarillo

If you, for any reason, find yourself in Amarillo, TX – passing through on I-40 or there for business – you need to find Andrea Price and take one of her classes. When it comes to yoga instructors, some of them regale you with a resume of post-nominal titles and lineage. Andrea just comes to the table with a lifetime of practice and a pure heart. She started practicing yoga when she was (I may have this wrong, but I’m close) five years old. She’s maintained a practice of yoga her entire life. Andrea has a deeper understanding of yoga than several 500hour ERYTs I’ve met. She is full of energy and she imparts that to her students. I promise you will feel amazing after taking just one class from Andrea Price.

The Yoga Mat - Amarillo

I’ve been to this studio several times over the past several years. First time to visit here was in 2013 and I keep going back. The teachers are varied in their offerings. Some of the classes are heated. Some of them are not. I like it here. Donna, the lady who owns the place, is welcoming and she has remembered my name every time I walk in.

Highway 108 Yoga Shala - Lubbock

When I stay in Lubbock, I try to make it to the Yoga Shala as often as I can. The room is one of the best thought out yoga spaces I’ve ever been in. They treated the space for sound, so the feeling is quiet and peaceful. Custom lights, cabinets, stage, sound system. The entire place is clean and welcoming. I took in a practice on Saturday that was intense and full of strong poses – held for long periods. It was a workout and I ended the practice in a pool of sweat. The very next day, Sunday, I took in a totally peaceful practice with a sound bath at the end. I wish every sivasana could be that transporting. If you travel to Lubbock, check them out.

The Yoga Stand - Lubbock

I’ve only been here a couple of times. The last time it was an afternoon hot yoga class. It nearly killed me. But I enjoyed it. The vibe is friendly and the flow is “upbeat” and by upbeat I mean the music was kicking.

The Yoga Project – Ft. Worth

I stumbled onto this amazing studio several months back while working in Ft. Worth. It’s a hot yoga studio, so there’s that, but the vibe here is pure yoga. They do heat the room. It’s hot. But the yoga feels more like a long thoughtful vinyasa than it does a “let’s-sweat-for-the-sake-of-sweating” kinda place. I’ll go back to this studio next time I’m in Ft. Worth.

Pura Flow Yoga – San Angelo

I’ve not actually been to the studio, but I’ve taken instruction from the owner. She offers a donation-based class for veterans one Saturday a month. It’s on the top floor of the Cactus Hotel, the tallest building for miles. The class was a moderately intense flow. The views were amazing.