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Part 108 - List

Part 1 of my list of places to practice. Hometown.

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Hometown Recommendations

I live in Nashville, TN. The first few studios on my list are hometown places for me. I can vouch for each of these places. They are all chill, non-corporate yoga studios, independently owned and operated.


Liberation Yoga – Nashville - 12South (South)

This is our home studio. It, therefore, gets top billing in my list. It just happens to be a fantastic place to get in a practice. The teachers are all lovely people and the classes range from restorative to out right hard. I love these people and support them. My opinions about Liberation are biased.


Steadfast & True Yoga – Nashville – Germantown (North)

I attended my first class here last year. It quickly became my go-to for weekend yoga. I’ve attended countless classes here, weekdays as well as weekends. The vibe is cool. The room is funky. The location is perfect. They offer a basics class on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I like to take this class as often as I can just to work on fundamentals.


Kali Yuga Yoga – Nashville – East Nashville (East)

This sweet little studio over on the East Side is just lovely. The teachers are kind and punishing in equal measure (more kind really). This studio has a very “community” feel to it. I’ve attended a few classes here and enjoyed them all.


Hot Yoga Plus – Nashville – Midtown (Central)

Hot yoga plus is, as the name implies, a hot yoga focused studio. I’ve attended one workshop here. I am not a huge fan of hot yoga, but if you are, you will love these guys. Great atmosphere. Good classes. Huge schedule.

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