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Part 107 - Need

If you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.

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Vibrations from bowls and gongs and bells wash over everyone in the room. The room is full.

Wan, our teacher for the day, giggles. She can't help it. She really is that happy. It just bubbles out and over and into the room. It's contagious. If you spend time with Wan Tay, you can't avoid having a touch of her enthusiasm rub off on you. When she instructs you to raise your hands in anjali mudra and tells you, "Smile at the sky."

You smile. You just smile. She giggles again. She seems thrilled that you've smiled. It's a self fulfilling cycle.

Smile. Feel good. Giggle. Smile. Feel good. Giggle.

I didn't know I needed a chill, happy, spinal friendly day today, but I did. I needed it more than anything.

One of the good things about traveling for work is finding new places to take in a practice. Sometimes you end up in a class or a studio that is not exactly what you would normally prefer. But that's okay. You make the best of it. Sometimes you end up exactly where you wanted to be. That's a super win and you make the best of it.

Today I ended up exactly where I wanted to be and exactly where I needed to be. What I needed today was an emersion in yoga love. What I got was an emersion in yoga love and sound and giggles.

If you find yourself in Lubbock, Texas for any reason, you should check out Hwy 108 Yoga Shala. You should also try to find a class taught by Wan Tay.

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She really is that happy. You will be too.