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Part 106 - Better

Some days are better than others.

· joy

I plan to take in a 10:30 class in Lubbock today. I feel so much better today than I did the past few days. I want to take in a practice with other human beings. I want to move through poses. I want to breathe. I want to share these things and this feeling with people who understand.

I woke with a feeling of joy. Joy at feeling better, for sure. But I also just noticed the sense of joy - that feeling of "Hey, I'm alive and it's pretty outside." I just felt happy and - here's the important part - I noticed it.

Mindfulness takes practice. It takes work. It is not an easy thing. At least for me it's not. But I've found that with more and more practice, I have become more aware in general. I'll have to keep working on it. It still takes effort and practice. But I love waking up and being aware of the moment and the feeling.

I'm taking in a 10:30 practice today.