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Part 103 - Ouch

Sometimes it's not easy to differentiate the pains.

This morning I woke up in one of three states, or possibly a combination.

1 - Sore muscles from working out with Joe Johnson. It was the most difficult day we've had with him and we had taken a couple weeks off. So, it could just be muscle soreness.

2 - Bruise to left side of body after falling in the office. Long story, but there was a red exercise ball/seat on the floor and it somehow caught the side of my pants stuck in the door and sent me reeling. I landed on my left side. I landed on hardwood.

3 - Dehydration from yoga, Joe, and a dinner with a bottle of wine and not enough water. (slight hangover?)

It's likely a combination of the three. But there's also the chance that I'm feeling the onset of a painful cold.

I'm not sure yet. I have a notion hat tomorrow may tell.