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Part 102 - Difficult

Sometimes you have to do difficult things.

· yoga,body,mind,consistency,joy

Sometimes you have to do things that are not easy - difficult, some would say. When you commit to a course of action, that's the way it goes.

This morning the temperature outside made it difficult to walk out the door, but walk we did. In six degrees we walked down the street to Liberation for a 6:00 am practice. Jo Jo was leading the class this morning. It was glorious. Several salutations. Several down dogs and up dogs and various flowing movements.

There were three of us in the class, four counting Jo Jo.

Kim and me and a guy just recovering from hip replacement. He modified a little. It must have been difficult, but there he was - committed to a course of action.

I run a business with a partner. We had to make some difficult decisions the past week or so, but here we are - committed to a course of action.

The new year is off to a strong start. We're all here in the office doing the work we do. There may be difficult things to do, but when you're committed, you do the hard things.