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Part 101 - New

New day. New year. Everything is new. Every moment.

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We've made it to 2018. We're still alive. The country hasn't fallen apart - yet.

I have a notion that this year is going to be the best one yet.

For starters, Kim and I started the day/year off with an amazing yoga basics class at our other hometown yoga studio, Steadfast and True Yoga. They offer, at least twice a week, a basics class. While it's certainly cool to find a new acro pose or "full expression," it's also cool to work on fundamentals. Every time I take a basics class I learn something new and useful. I've only been practicing yoga for just over 7 years, so maybe I'm still new to the practice, but I find a basics class - one taught by a professional - to be helpful.

Our next step for the new day/year was a gathering of friends at my pal Barbara's house. Barbara has long been a friend to us. She and her husband run with the same crowd as us. In fact, I took in a New Year's Eve practice with Barbara just yesterday. We descended on her house with food and booze. We all got our portion of black-eyed peas and greens. There were bagels and cream cheese too. And a couple of Galettes.

Finally, I'm sitting in the home office getting in a little writing time and reviewing the calendar for the next few months.

I'm excited for the year to unfold. I'm grateful to be here in this place with such lovely people around me. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful team, with whom to work. I'm grateful to work with an amazing business partner. I'm grateful to be working on a few amazing yoga projects.

Today is new. This year is new. It's all new.

Won't you come along for 2018 and make your own amazing things happen?