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Part 100 - #byefelicia

2017, go home. You're drunk.

· Year End Wrapup

Fare thee well 2017. Fare thee well.


This has been quite the year. 2017 fast draws to a close and it’s time, once again, to do a bit of soul searching and see what, if anything, this year has taught me. Like years past, I’ve taken in some of the wisdom and missed a lot of it. The things that keep coming up – yoga, meditation, unplug, and such - have continued to be instructive and useful. It took an impromptu trip to Costa Rica with old friends to get me to dive headfirst into things instructive and useful.


Here are a few of the lessons I managed to absorb in 2017.

  • I have so much more to learn in so many ways.
  • I need less stuff.
  • I love my friends.
  • I love good stories.
  • I’m happiest when I’m walking.
  • I’m almost as happy practicing yoga as when walking.
  • A daily yoga practice is totally doable.
  • If I can do #yogaeverydamnday, anyone can.
  • I don’t really like hash-tags.
  • Twenty minutes of mindfulness does wonders for my brain.
  • My brain still tends to whir.
  • I do not need pundits. At all. Of any variety.
  • Good solid old school reporting makes us better as a society.
  • We must protect and support the fourth estate.
  • We must vote.
  • I still cannot abide self-righteousness.
  • It is possible to ignore people who sell snake oil. (Mostly)
  • I work with and for the absolute best people I know.
  • I still love a good bottle (or two, or three) of wine.
  • I really like a solid cocktail.
  • Most people mean well.
  • Good portions of the human population are just lovely, given the chance.
  • I would rather cook a meal at home than most anything else.
  • I can survive quite nicely on one good meal a day.
  • Business Hal is not personal.
  • Some people are just mean.
  • Some people are just bat-shit crazy.
  • Some people collect grievances.
  • Some people hold grudges.
  • I am out of patience for people who collect grievances and hold grudges.
  • I have grown weary of bat-shit crazy.
  • I cannot abide, nor will I put up with, meanness.
  • I can be thoughtful and I can be thoughtless. I strive for the former.