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Part 247 - Long

I fly home today. This makes me happy.

This has been one of those days where everything took a little longer than expected.

I stretched the yoga a little bit longer this morning. Each appointment was just a little bit farther away than expected. Traffic was a little denser. The witnesses were chatty. Everything just took a little longer than expected.

I called the day a bit early. Dropped the borrowed truck back at it's home at 4:00. Hopped in the Uber at 4:20. Made it to DAL by 5:00.

I'm sitting now in the airport bar, where the bartenders know my by name. It's been a long day. I've got about five more hours to go to be home. It'll probably take a little longer than that. But, I'm good with that. Sometimes things just take a little longer than expected.

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