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Part 248 - Love

Greet this day with love in your heart.

I've been fascinated with the idea of greeting the day with love. It's a simple practice. It's a thing anyone can do. I have a notion it could make a huge difference in your life - and the people around you.

When you wake up, say the phrase, "I will greet this day with love in my heart." This sets the tone. You don't even necessarily have to mean it. Just say it. Say it once. Smile and get on with your day.

In the home, this should be fairly easy. You love your significant other. You love your children. You love those with whom you share this life. In your head, silently, when you see your people, say, "I love you." Don't say it out loud. Just say it in your head. It'll bring a smile. It will show.

At work - and this is where it gets tricky - do the same thing. When you see that co-worker or your boss or partner, say "I love this person." Again, do it in silence. Say it in your head.

When you get ready to make that first sales call, meet that first client, visit with that merchant, say, "I love this person." In your head. Silently. It will bring a smile. It will show.

When you make yourself say these words, in your head. It has an immediate impact. It shows. Your smile will soften. Your eyes will brighten. Your posture will open.

Who do you think these people would rather do business with? The condescending ass-hat? The gal who wants to "inform?" Or the person who looks genuinely happy to see them.

I travel a fair bit. When I visit a yoga studio in another town, there are a few things I look for. First, I like to shop local. I try to avoid chains. I find an independent studio whenever possible. Second, the person who greets me at the desk: They should look happy to see me.

Finally - and this is key - the studios that keep me coming back are the ones where the teachers and staff remember me. They smile and say, "Hey Hal, been a while. Good to see you again." This is simple stuff. Remembering names. For the studio owner, there's a neat little cheat. When a person registers for a class you see their name. You probably see that they've been to your studio before. Use that information to make the visiting yogi feel special. It's really easy.

When you greet the day with love in your heart, you're about a thousand steps ahead of most people. The fun part of this approach is the benefits to you. Sure, your clients will appreciate the effort, but you also benefit. When you approach the day with love in your heart, you'll sell more. You'll gain more true fans. You'll get more out of the daily interactions with fellow humans.

Try it. Greet today with love in your heart. Say, "I love you" silently - in your head - to each person you meet, greet, or interact with. Try it. It shows.