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Part 249 - Reset

Take a moment, a day, a week to reset. Do this frequently.

The alarm gently prodded me at 4:20 this morning. I turned it off.

I drifted back to sleep. I curled up around Kim and just let go. Back to the land of dreams and comfort. Sometimes it's okay to take a reset. I've been on the road for about 10 days. Each of those days included at least 10 hours of work, an hour or two of exercise/meditation, and a few minutes of chill friend time. The work was hot. The work was stressful.

I'm back home, where I feel safest. I'm back home where I have a routine that keeps me balanced. That routine typically includes early rise and a few hours of motion/meditation. This morning I felt the weight of the past several days lifted. I sank back into the bed an let go. I took a physical reset today.

I have a reset board on the wall in my meditation room. It's a place where I put words and images that remind me to move forward. I post words that counter the old notions. I post pictures that inspire. I keep a list of things that are good about myself. When I get frustrated, when I get angry, when I get disappointed, I go the the reset board and remind myself of some good traits. I feel silly about the board. I would not want anyone to walk in and see it, I'd be embarrassed. But I believe it's necessary. So there it is. The reset board.

Give yourself permission to take a reset. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Just take a few moments, days, weeks to get it done. Whatever you need. Take a reset.