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part 173 - Ease

Travel with ease. Carry less.

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Pro Tip: Carry less.

I travel a lot. Two weeks a month, at least, I'm on the road - in the air, in a car, walking, riding ...

I used to carry a rolling suitcase. It was big. It housed a couple of suites, several shirts, sundries, and all manner of shoes and gear and whatnot.

I now carry a briefcase. It's a backpack. It's rather small. It holds two good-sized files, computer, hard drives, and a full complement of pens, recorders, and other office supplies. I also haul a leather drop bag. It was made for me by my pal Susan Sherrick. It's simple and well constructed. It fits under the seat on a plane or easily into the overhead compartment. In it I carry a couple shirts, a pair of shoes, and a pair of jeans. I also toss in a dopp kit and undergarments for the week.

I wear a sports coat and, usually, dress shoes. I can have the whole affair mustered and packed for travel in about two minutes. I can carry the whole kit with ease.

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