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Part 172 - 734PT

Sometimes you run across a thing that changes your life.

· joy

Seven Three Four Papa Tango.

She was matterhorn white and green with a gold accent in the cheat line. She had old radios and tired upholstery, but she sat on the ramp with a stance that said, "Let's fly."

She changed my life.

She could be teased off the ground with minimal speed. She would settle down on a grass strip in less than a thousand feet - after clearing a 50 foot obstacle. She broke in a stall at a crazy slow speed. With any power at all, it was hard to make her break. She just kept on saying, "Let's fly."

She changed my life. She was a means of escape. She took me out of a bad situation into the air and across the country. She was there, ready to go, "Let's Fly."

Things I learned from Papa Tango:

  • Take it easy
  • Slow down
  • Get going in short order
  • Stop in short order
  • Maintain control 
  • Flying, like cooking (and most things in life), is more fun low and slow
  • Have joy
  • Dance - Oh, she could dance. 
  • Guide, don't muscle
  • Encourage, don't force
  • Speak
  • Listen

Sometimes I remember that I am a pilot. Sometimes I miss flying. Usually, I don't think about it. Usually, I'm happy right here.

Today, I am here. I am happy. I hop a commercial flight at 2:30 in a 737. I have a notion she'll say, "Let's fly."