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Part 94 - Family

Sometimes friends are family. Sometimes family are friends.

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I woke up this morning with a colossal hangover. I enjoyed a few (read - several) too many glasses of wine last night. I'm a yogi. I practice. I put the time in. I put the work in. Sometimes, I drink more than I should. I'm always responsible. Never drive after even one drink, but I do - on occasion - get into my cups. Last night was an occasion.

Dan and Ginger got to town this morning at 11:30. Dan is one of my clients. He is also - more importantly - one of my friends. They got to town at what amounted to "early" on a hangover day.

Kim and I cooked a meal. It wasn't just a meal. It was an epic meal. Braised leg of lamb. Ravioli. Caesar salad, homemade dressing and all. Kim made an apple galette. We finished a couple bottles of amazing Spanish wine.

I took Ginger to Liberation Yoga with me for a 4:30 class. Raquel taught. We moved through a lovely sequence of poses. We ended up in savasana for a four hour resting posture (not really, but ...).

Here's the thing: Ginger and Dan are like family, chosen not blood. They are comfortable. They are happy. The yoga, which I WAS going to do, regardless of anyone else's desires or needs, was bordering on perfection.

My pal Raquel lead us through a tough yet chill sequence. Some days you just win. Even when you don't deserve to win.

Today was a win.