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Part 92 - Expectations

What if instead of trying to make everything seem perfect, we accepted the perfectly flawed nature of family.

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Today is 25 December 2017. It's christmas day and - if I'm being honest - all I really care to do is read for a bit, take in a chill restorative practice, and be calm.

And these things, I shall do.

I'll also spend the better half of the day with my family in my hometown. I will watch them, each of them, with a sense of love. I will wish for them some semblance of calm and happy. I will eat with them. I will exchange gifts with them. We will laugh. We will witness some form of anger or breakdown, always do.

I'm eternally grateful for my family. I am also eternally grateful for my immediate family, which consists of Kim and me. Kim and I will drive back to out home this evening. We'll settle in for a night of chill and calm. I'll read. She'll read. We'll laugh.

I love my family. I'm happy to be with them for the holiday season.

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