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Part 89 - Intersections

I like community.

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In the ever expanding and moving venn diagram of my life, there are some substantial overlaps. Usually there are multiple overlaps - not just two closed curves, one atop the other, but a messy overlap of three or four circles - the intersecting portions nearing black (not so much an absence of color, rather using all of the crayons in the box).

I love my communities. They overlap. Jason and Lindsay and My friends Evi and Dave all know Kenny. Kenny knows Lindsay and Jason. Lindsey and Evi are pals. Raquel is friends with Jason, but doesn't know Evi. Evi knows Jason, but hasn't yet met Dave. I know Evi has a friend named John, but I've never met him.

My work community and my yoga community, I learned yesterday, have more overlap than I suspected.

I love my communities. I love the way the venn diagram of acquaintances and friends and peers grows and moves and overlaps.