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Part 88 - Pivot

Adapt. Pivot. It'll be okay.

· yoga,consistency,joy

One thing I've learned pretty well over the past year is that when things don't go as planned, you adapt. Sometimes you have to pivot and go a completely different direction. This morning was one of those times.

Kim and I left the house at ten till six am. We strolled, quickly, up Halcyon and down 12th to our home studio, Liberation Yoga. We arrived to a gaggle of yogis milling about the front door of the studio. I immediately thought the teacher must be running late. But, there she was. Milling about with the gaggle.

Turns out the key, which lives in a lock box with a combination, was not in the box. The key to the studio was no where to be found. What to do with a group of keyed-up yogis eager to take in an early morning practice?

Coffee. We pivoted, effortlessly, and made the group trek to 8th and Roast, a local coffee shop that opens at 6:00 am. We spent our yoga hour swapping stories and ideas and mutual admiration. Was it a yoga practice? Not exactly. Was it a lovely time with people we all like? Yes.

I never got dressed for the day. I'm sitting in my office in yoga pants, t-shirt, and a fleece. So what to do with a yogi who missed the morning practice? Office yoga.

I closed the door to my office, which is a glass door, and moved through the poses. There's a glare on the window, so seeing outside the office is difficult. However, apparently it's pretty easy to see inside the office from the hallway. There they were, my entire office staff, staring at me through the door window. Curious. Confused.

It turns out, I'm that guy.

This day - a day when nothing I planned has worked out as panned - has turned out to be a fantastic day.



It'll be okay.