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Part 81 - Dip

You will experience the dip. It happens.

· yoga,mind,consistency,work

In business there is a point in time (usually a period of time) that is called the dip. It's a place where it seems like progress is slow, costs are high, and profit is somewhere just out of reach.

In yoga there is a similar spot (period). It's a place where progress is slow, effort is neigh insurmountable, and strength/flexibility are just out of reach.

In yoga, you have to just keep practicing. Keep moving. Keep showing up to the mat and moving through the poses, with intention.

In business, you have to just keep plugging at the thing. Keep showing up to do the work. Keep producing amazing product. Move through the work, with intention.

In business, intention is key, I think. You can show up and push paper and fill forms and meet minimum standards. But without intention one will encounter loss of revenue, burn out, or apathy.

In yoga, intention is key, I think. You can show up and strike a down dog or cat cow, move quickly and thoughtlessly through the steps, but without intention one may encounter injury, lack of focus, or apathy.

When we approach actions with intention, I think, we have a much better (almost guaranteed) chance of weathering the dip.