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Part 72 - Consistency

It's easy to skip a day. Don't.

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The trick to consistency is - well, consistency.

Some days it rains and the walk to your local yoga studio offers nothing but drench and bone chilling cold. That's the morning I faced today.

Rain sluiced down the roof valley and shot off the drip line, five feet into the front yard. Temperature wasn't so bad, but the promise of soaking wet and cool temps was too much to overcome. I wrapped my arms around Kim and snuggled in for the 6:00 am hour. It was glorious.

I'm now faced with the prospect, assuming I'll keep my promise to myself, of taking in a practice later today. I will keep that promise. I'm 300 plus days into a daily practice and I'm not going to mess that streak up. But I now have to find time in a busy day to move through the poses.

There's a nine am. Can't make that due to a prescheduled meeting.

There's a noon class, but Kim and I have committed to Joe for 1:00. So, noon is difficult to out of the question.

3:00 is one hour after our visit with Joe and it's an advanced vinyasa flow. That doesn't seem likely.

The 4:30 could work, but Jo Jo is teaching that. She's an amazing teacher, but her chill class can be extremely challenging. (This is a positive thing, but after a workout with Joe Johnson, not so much.)

Next option is 6:00 pm. That's taught by my pal Nick. He's brilliant as a teacher. He leads a series of postures that challenge and inspire. Six o'clock post meridian is getting well into evening for me.

I can always take in a home practice, which it looks like is most likely. I've done that for the past three days in a row. While I'm comfortable moving through the poses alone, at this point in my yoga journey I like to have a healthy dose of instruction.

I think my point in this exercise is to recognize that the six o'clock in the morning practice, which is my favorite, was my best option for this busy day.

Conference calls. Hearings. Meetings. These things have to be done. They demand our attention. Part of caring for ourselves is managing our responsibilities, work being up there among the more demanding. 

I'll take in a practice today.

I'll take comfort in the extra hours in bed this morning. I'll take pleasure in the extra time spent with Kim, my favorite person. I'll not give myself too much grief about opting out of the early morning yoga practice.

I'll take in a practice today.

I'll do the work required of me and then some. I'll give Joe (and myself) my best during our strength training. I'll meet and exceed my client's expectations. And then ...

I'll take in a practice today.